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Four Corners Interactive build custom internet software solutions to allow companies to manage their business activities online. Our motto: there is no business function that cannot be conducted securely online.

Here is a list of some of the internet software solutions Four Corners provide:

 Accounting Applications
 -  Seamlessly integrate your existing accounting software with your website(s).  Examples of accounting applications currently integrated include Great  Plains, Quicken, Sage, Exchequer, Access Accounts among others.
 -  Online accounting systems designed specifically for your organisation.
 Web based stock/inventory management systems.
 Web based sales, contact, and calendar management systems.
 Ecommerce systems including shopping basket, order tracking, and real-time  credit card processing facilities.
 Website content management systems.
 Geocoding and postcode lookup systems.
  -  This allows users to find resources by postcode.
 Search facilities, including Index Server set-up and management.
 Multi-language content management.
 Discussion boards, bulletin boards, and live chat systems.
 Ticket and event booking systems.
 Online accommodation booking systems for hotels, hostels, and bed and  breakfasts.
 Online real estate management systems.
 Online customer relationship management systems.
 File upload facilities.
 Database and website templates.
 Browser detection.
 Website statistic management systems.
 Email management systems.
 Secure login, encryption, and secure server setup.
The technologies Four Corners Interactive use to build these systems include:
 Databases: MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, Access
 Languages: VB, Perl, C++, Java
 Scripting: ASP, Javascript
 Other languages: XML, XHTML, Jscript, JSP

View internet application sites developed by Four Corners here.

The systems that are listed above are just some of the systems that Four Corners Interactive can build for your organisation. To discuss an internet software solution for your organisation, contact Four Corners here.

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